The interview

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“you’re to resume tomorrow or no job”…..He said.

I was trying to prepare breakfast when my phone rang.. it was Dera. “Hey babe”,…I said. A friend called me this morning for a job interview. Are you out already? She said… I was hoping we’d see today probably after your interview. 

“I just had my bath but I’m yet to decide on what to wear”….I replied.

Why don’t you dress up and come meet me here… I’ll send you the location… Dera said ending the call almost immediately.

I checked my box and realized I don’t have any coporate in it so I just settled for a jean and a rumpled shirt. Then I threw on my sneakers and went to do the photocopy of my CV close to my apartment. Then I went straight to get a bike that will take me straight to the venue. 

When I got to the address Dera sent me, I took out my phone to call Dera but I was Interrupted by the constant honking of a car. The driver of the said car wanted to drive in but the rider of the bike I came in was in his way; hence the constant honking of his car horn… I couldn’t see the face of the person in the car clearly but I knew it was a guy smiling at me. 

I went ahead to call Dera after that was settled.. “Hey babe..I’m at the entrance, where are you?”…I said in a rush.

“Come inside joor, there’s so many people here”… she said. I immediately paid the bike guy and went straight in to look for Dera, I immediately spotted her standing close to the entrance of the office.

“What kind of company doesn’t make prior arrangements for interview?”…I said in a rather loud tone……..

Few minutes later, a guy came out to usher us in and we were even given water. Probably one of them heard me.

The interviewer came in and picked randomly and asked us to follow him. Then he faced me…what is your name?…..

what do you think happened next?

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I hope you enjoyed it….Thank you for reading 😊



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