“Excuse me, that’s my seat”.

i looked up to say something but i just opened my mouth wide at the beauty staring down at me….i was brought back to reality when i was tapped..

“You’re in my seat”, he repeated.

“Oh! what! I’m so sorry”, I apologized. I thought this was mine. “Yeah, I bet you did”, he said with a scrunchy look. “Don’t be rude, it was just a simple mistake”, i said, he ignored and i moved to the next seat.

Settling down in my seat, i looked up and noticed him staring at me with an expressionless look, which made figuring out his thoughts hard. The stare continued. I gave him a questioning look of “Why the stare?”.

“You look familiar” he said. I laughed, i laughed so hard till i heard him say “oh yeah i remember, we attended the same primary school, aren’t you Tamara?”. I looked up as his face became clearer, this guy was my crush back in primary school, how did he grow this tall and cute?….”Yes, that’s me, Tell me you aren’t Charles?”.

We both laughed, memories from our primary school days rushing in which made us laugh the more. We hugged each other and started talking about life since we left primary school, we talked about our secondary school lives and how things have been since then.

It was time for take off and we were asked to tighten our seatbelts, fixing mine with hands trembling as that was my first time on a plane, next i felt was warmth on my hands. He had held my hands without asking and looked me in the eyes and said “You’ll be fine”, those words made my hairs stand, i smiled.

We got so engrossed in our gist that when the announcement that the plane would be landing soon boomed from around us, we were brought back to reality. We stared into each other’s eyes and smiled… and I said to him “Let’s make this summer a memorable one”.

Would you like to know what happened during the vacation?

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