A 2year old boy dragged into a lagoon by an Alligator near Disney hotel found intact

The body of the two-year-old boy who was dragged into a Lagoon by an alligator near a Disney resort in Orlando on Tuesday night has been found. was recovered from a lagoon at the Walt The boy has been identified as Lane Graves, the son of Matthew, 42, and Melissa Graves, 38, of Elkhorn, Nebraska. His identity was revealed by the Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings at a news conference on Wednesday afternoon.

Demings said that dive teams had located the toddler’s body ‘intact’ in the Seven Seas Lagoon. He said divers located a body around 1:45pm and was pulled out around 3:30pm.
The Graves family were in Orlando on vacation and had arrived on Sunday, unfortunately this terrifying incident occurred on the third day of their vacation.
Lane had been playing in the man made lagoon which wasn’t very deep around 9:20pm when the alligator attacked and dragged him underwater. The hotel had a ‘No swimming’ sign there but there was no warning of alligators in the area.

The boy’s father tried frantically and wrestled with the alligator to save him, but could not pry the toddler from the alligator’s jaw. The father came off with huge Alligator bite marks on his shoulder but couldn’t save his son.A Disney lifeguard said the boy was 10 feet from the shore when the alligator attacked him. He said they all tried to save the boy while the Dad was wrestling with the alligator but they didn’t succeed.
He said:’We have lifeguards on duty at the play area but at the beach we don’t have any lifeguards because you’re not supposed to be in the water,’ the lifeguard said.

During the search, wildlife officials caught six alligators in the lake and killed them all. They said in order to know which gator snatched the child, forensics will have to be used to make that determination.
Demings said they found the boy’s body in the lake intact.’His body was completely intact,’ Demings said. ‘The body has now been turned over to the Orange County medical office for an autopsy.”Of course, the family was distraught but also, I believe, somewhat relieved that we were able to find their son with his body intact,’ Demings said.

Bill Wilson of New Harmony, Indiana, said he watched the commotion from the balcony of his room at the Grand Floridian on the resort’s beach area. He said he heard screams and splashing coming from a darkened edge of the lake and thought some people were fighting. “I heard somebody screaming and yelling. I thought someone got in a fight,” Wilson said.”I looked over and here comes one of the lifeguards who screamed ‘Everybody get out of the water.’

The mother was there and she was frantic, running up and down looking.”

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